Cookie statement

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small (text) file which your browser stores on your computer, when you visit our website. This information can be re-transmitted to us upon your next visit. In this manner, our website can recognize you.


Why do we use cookies?

WAX uses functional, analytical and tracking cookies. Cookies ensure that the website is fast and that you can safely visit our website. The cookies also ensure that we can see how the website is used and how we can improve our website. Furthermore, cookies of ourselves or of third parties can be used to show you ads matching your interests. In this way, we achieve the best user experience.


Functional cookies

These cookies are necessary to make the website work. Without these cookies some preferences (such as language settings) cannot be stored.

WAX uses the following cookies to effect the session with the server, to check whether a form really comes from the website, to remember your cookie status.


XSRF-TOKEN 2 hours
laravel_session 2 hours
cookie consent_status 1 year


Analytical cookies

Analytical cookies are used to review the quality and effectiveness of our website. In this manner, we can see for instance how many visitors we get at the website and what pages they visit. This information is used by us to analyze and improve our website.


Google Analytics

The Google Analytics cookies are installed by WAX to identify how visitors use our websites. With these cookies we draw up reports and optimize our website. The cookies collect how many visitors reach the site, where they come from and what pages they visited. Want to know more about the Google Analytics cookies?

The following cookies are installed by Google Analytics


_ga 14 months
_gat 1 minute
_gid 1 day
AMP_token 30 sec – 1 year
_gac 90 days


Tracking cookies

WAX does not use tracking cookies at this time.


How can I view, correct or remove my data?

You can view, correct or remove your personal data. We may retrieve data of third parties from the parties in question, but we depend upon their response. Please send an email to


How can I switch off or remove cookies?

You can choose not to give your permission to install cookies. In the internet browser you can also block cookies. It varies by browser how to do this, most browsers explain this in their help function. When blocking cookies, our website may not operate as well.

Last adjustment: May 3 2023.