Envisioning the unbuilt.
Afsluitdijk Benthem Crouwel Architects + WEST8

The Afsluitdijk is an icon of hydraulic engineering. The 32-kilometre long water barrier (the longest dam in Europe), completed in 1932, has been protecting the Netherlands from flooding for almost 90 years.


With respect for the hydraulic heritage and the iconic emotional value of the Afsluitdijk, Benthem Crouwel Architects together with West 8 will design various reinforcements and renovations: reinforcement of the dike, new pumping stations to pump water out of the IJsselmeer into the Wadden Sea even at high tide, a fish migration river and a new bike path on the seaward side. The famous Dudok monument will also be updated.


With the strengthening of the Afsluitdijk, a priceless construction with an inestimable practical, emotional and historical value to the Dutch will be ready for the future.